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Expecting Your Miracles

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

During the course of her healing journey, Jane G. Doyle has learned to expect her miracles. She defines miracles as as moments when something you—and even if only you— believed to be impossible becomes possible. And between her own personal experiences as well as those of other modern-day warriors, she has learned that while miracles may be unique, they are not rare, and that they are accessible to everyone.

Once Jane acknowledged the possibility of miracles, she began to see them everywhere. You can read more about this phase of her journey in Part II: "Jane the Explorer," and Chapter 7, "Expecting My Miracles", in You Heal You.

Photo credit: Barbara LaRocca

When Jane returned to Chicago from her first trip to Brazil, she polled her peers with two questions: "How do you define a miracle?" and "Have you ever experienced one?" Now, upon completion of another visit to The Casa where she has witnessed the miracles of so many others, she would love to hear from you!

We invite you to reach out to Jane at to share your own miraculous experiences. Has your own healing journey utilized any of the Steps that are outlined in You Heal You, such as following your gut, or leaving your comfort zone? No matter the shape, size, or circumstance of your miracle, Jane hopes you will write her to share your experience. And remember, belief opens the door to miracles.

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