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Thanks, St. Ninian!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

I’ve loved angels for as long as I can remember. While incapacitated with my undiagnosed illnesses, I read every book of angel stories I could get my hands on. Reading about angel encounters gave me comfort and strengthened my belief that unseen help is available to us.

It took me returning to Scotland in 2005 to have my own angel story. I was walking to St. Ninian’s Cave on the Irish Sea coast in southwest Scotland near Whithorn. The great warrior angel–Archangel Michael–came to my rescue.

As I walked the wooded path, I began to be bombarded with fears. It felt like someone was lobbing fear after fear at me. I was alone. It was raining, and I was getting mad. I’d had enough. I stomped my foot in frustration and yelled Archangel Michael’s name. He immediately responded. It felt real. It was one of those “if you know, you know” moments. I write about this angelic rendezvous in Chapter 6, “A Fair-Weathered Angel,” in You Heal You.

I had just visited an early medieval Christian community in southwest Scotland. I was on my way to my B&B. I glimpsed a sign with an arrow pointing to the right. To St. Ninian’s Cave. Wasn’t that the 5th-century saint who started the Whithorn community I just left? I slammed on the brakes and backed up. I hesitated. I was in tennis shoes. It had just started drizzling. I shrugged my shoulders. What the heck? I turned right. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If I hadn’t been scared silly, I might not have spontaneously appealed to Archangel Michael and had my “touched by an angel” experience.

I took these pictures of St. Ninian’s cave to remind me of that day. Later, I read Scotland’s first saint is known for his miracles. A light bulb went off. There were several miracles in my story. Maybe I’ll do a future post on the magical rocks.

Thank you, St. Ninian, for setting me up for my first (and hopefully one of many) angel encounters. And for inspiring me to look for the miracles in my life. You still rock those miracles. ☺

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