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About Jane G. Doyle

Northern Lights

Jane writes books about unleashing the power of you.

Jane loves all things holy and spiritual, the sound of waves, and the brace of high winds. She loves the movie Braveheart and cherry vanilla ice cream. She loves Scottish faeries and her late brother Bobby D.  Jane loves yoga, and to belly laugh with her sister Susie and belt out Christmas music. She loves random acts of kindness, to explore the world, and take days with no plans except to do whatever Jane wants—guilt free. And Jane loves, loves, loves angels.

Jane is drawn to sacred sites, Himalayan salt lamps, emeralds, energy medicine, survivors of life changing events, ancient history, deep thinkers, studying quantum physics, and comparative religions.


Jane is hooked on optimism. Everything is perfect.


Jane is devoted to encouraging others to become modern day warriors. Those who courageously rescue themselves by unleashing the power within.


Jane G. Doyle believes in the power of you. You heal you. You rescue you. You inspire you. You doing you is where your power lies.


She is a big believer of you.

Jane G. Doyle
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