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Yours Aye, My Friends

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I write this as I close the chapter on another trip to Scotland. My 9th visit since 2002 when I was inexplicably drawn to discover this country—alone. This is where it all began for me. A second chance in life. I became Jane the Apprentice. I unwittingly learned how to heal myself from undiagnosed health crises. What a treasure hunt journey my life has been ever since.

This chapter in my Celtic love story was different. I brought my family with me. Five in our group had never been to my beloved Highlands. It was one of my favorite trips to date. To share my love with those closest to me. To see Scotland through their eyes. Paradise.

Group photo in front of our cabin, Buteo.

They were captivated by the dramatic landscapes, magical feel, peacefulness, slow-paced life, friendly locals and were impressed with the Scots love for their homeland and history. Just like me.

My family was instrumental in triggering an AHA moment for me. A nephew voiced how he had been to other beautiful sites in the world. Scotland was different. It was also heaven. A light bulb went off. During my solo trips to Scotland, I felt angelic presences. Much like tour guides with a flavor of protection. The feeling was so strong, I named them—Heavenly Team Jane. Was I intuitively feeling the heavenly part of Scotland like Alex?

I soon received my answer. While writing a review of our rented log cabin in the guest book, my eyes fell on the phrase, “amazing place where angels would love to tread.” Hmm. Soon after, my niece sent me a picture of an Edinburgh restaurant called Angels with Bagpipes. What are the odds?! Two angelic references in less than 48 hours. Message received. Scotland is the home of my angels. My slice of heaven. No wonder I like hanging out here.

Goodbye for now, Scotland. Thank you, Eagle Brae Log Cabins in Struy, Beauly, Inverness-shire, for being our magical home away from home. A special Yours Aye (Scottish expression for “yours always”) to my Heavenly Team Jane.

Images of our cabin and the pine tree we planted nearby.

If you are interested in my solo adventures as Jane the Explorer in Scotland, I invite you to read You Heal You: Inspirational & Miraculous Healing Stories of 18 Modern Day Warriors. May you, too, be inspired to connect with your own divine team and unleash the joy within.


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