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Hello, Heavenly Team Jane

Photo by Reuben Teo on Unsplash

After the 9/11 (September 11, 2001) terrorist attacks on American soil, my friend and I were discussing our bucket list—things to do before we died. She asked what was on my list. I promptly responded: “Go to the Scottish Highlands.” Before that day ended, I had purchased a roundtrip plane ticket to Edinburgh. Life seemed too short to wait now.

That question and my reaction were life-changing. I left Chicago thinking I was checking off an item on my “To Do” list; instead, I was welcomed by my Scottish angels…with an agenda. My angelic friends were intent on molding me into a modern-day warrior—someone who rescues themself. These champions not only survive but thrive after life’s challenges.

During my seven annual trips to Scotland, I was given the foundation of how to heal myself after years of chronic pain and undiagnosed illnesses. I came to understand we have divine helpers eager to assist us. I chose to use them. I dubbed my God squad as Heavenly Team Jane.

On each trip, I was given new tools for my You Heal You Arsenal. Heavenly Team Jane inspired me to:

  1. Have confidence in the power within or what I call my intuition. Follow this inner wisdom in all things.

  2. Take responsibility for my life. Grasp the reins of my health crisis.

  3. Believe anything is possible, including my recovery.

  4. Jump wholeheartedly into life’s unlimited miracles. Remember that I have wings and a brave heart.

  5. Understand that Love is the master healer. Following my heart is the easiest path to becoming a modern-day warrior.

My journey started in 2002 with Heavenly Team Jane inspiring Jane. Now, Jane inspires Jane. I wonder if that wasn’t the goal all along. To understand the importance of “you inspire you.” A key for unlocking the power within.

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