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What are the Odds?

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, including “Life’s a Treasure Hunt,” my healing journey was similar to a childhood game of scavenger hunt, following one clue to the next until I reached my treasure. After several decades of being unwell, this journey took place step by step—or in my case, coincidence by coincidence—and my end game was reclaiming my health. 

Today I’m sharing a guest post from a soul friend (and “twin cousin”) Julie Ulrich, who discusses the power of synchronicity, including a mention of our coincidental initial meeting years ago, long before we could have known how similar our paths would be. Enjoy the read. 


The following excerpt is reprinted with permission from Julie Ulrich's November 8, 2023 blog post called "Syncronicity and the Soul.


Yesterday I was reading a book about Reiki where the author described a significant event in her Reiki work that, she stated, occurred on November 7, 2000. Have you ever stopped in your tracks because something uncanny freaked you out (in a good way)? That’s what happened to me in that moment, as I was reading that particular page in that particular book on November 7, 2023. I sat and stared for a while at the printed date that seemed to rise up off the page at me. And I had all the feels.

I’ve never really believed in coincidences—as in, nothing is “just” a coincidence. Often when I do animal communication readings for animals on the other side, the client will tell me something they experienced that seemed to be a sign from their animal, but they immediately question it, which is an entirely human thing to do. We’re not usually taught that magic can happen anywhere, anytime, but I think it’s actually one of the most powerful things to understand in this life.

Two years ago on the day that my friend Diana passed, I saw flocks of birds fly right by my window over and over again. It was remarkable. I’d never seen any flocks ever from my apartment window before that—only just one or two birds here and there. 

Last week as I sat at my desk, multiple flocks flew by my window again. I felt a surge of love and paused in the middle of a Google search to say hi to Diana. Then I hit return on my search, and my eyes landed on the name Diana, the first name of someone who ranked first in the search results. That’s not a coincidence — that’s a conversation.

Back in the early ‘90s, my family traveled out of state for my brother’s wedding. Somehow, the hotel assigned the same room to my first cousin once removed (someone I’d never met before) and me. We got it sorted out, but it was such a strange mix-up, and I never forgot it. Decades later, still not knowing that cousin well at all, I found out that she (Jane Doyle) had written a book called You Heal You, which sounded right up my alley. I immediately read it and found out that Jane and I had experienced the same chronic health issue for years and had both journeyed beyond Western medicine to find support and relief. I reached out to her via email and now we’re close and have the best—absolutely best—conversations, and continue to find synchronicities in our lives. We call each other twin cousins now. 

To me, that “coincidence” in the ‘90s was the universe dropping a hint that Jane and I were on very similar journeys (where do you stay on a journey? A hotel!)—so similar in fact, that we were assigned to the same “room” or to the same realms of our shared health situation. 

Carl Jung believed that synchronicity has the power to awaken our full potential and to help us get in touch with our inner selves, both of which are incredibly healing. For me, anytime it happens, I’m reminded that magic is real, and that there’s this monumental bigger connection that’s everywhere all the time and very accessible to us.

I’m excited to dive further into that Reiki book because that 11/7 date heightened my awareness—perhaps there’s a special something I’ll discover in those pages about my own path as a Reiki Master. 

Oh, just one last “coincidence”...A few days ago, I sat in my kitchen with my nose in a book about faerie energy (yes, I often have two books going at once and those two topics tell you everything you’d need to know about me). Just as I was reading about how faerie energy can be mischievous and frolicking and dance-like, my cat Calla climbed up onto the top of the kitchen cabinets, where she hasn’t ventured for many months. Up there she started to play with something invisible that was apparently flitting from the wall to the ceiling and back. My other cat Faro was transfixed on this mysterious thing from his spot on the kitchen floor. I saw no bug, no speck of dust. Can’t wait to see where that connection will take all three of us.🧚


Julie Ulrich is a Reiki Master and certified Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioner based in New York City. Learn more at

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