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Life’s a Treasure Hunt

Have you ever played Treasure Hunt? It’s my favorite childhood game of hidden clues and prizes. Solving one clue leads you to another until you eventually reach your treasure. This aptly describes how I healed myself after several decades of being unwell. Step by step. Or in my case, coincidence by coincidence. Reclaiming my health was my end game.

In the Spring of 2009, I was desperate. I was led to the Casa de Dom Inacio (The Casa), a healing center in Brazil, known as a place of inexplicable healings. Just the place for me. I needed a miracle. For over two decades, some of the best American doctors told me they had no explanation (or cure) for my escalating illnesses and chronic pain.

The self-healing game was a rush of excitement as I continued to solve clues. Step by step I was led out of pain and misery into wellness and joy. What an empowering adventure to participate in my recovery. I published You Heal You: Inspirational & Miraculous Healing Stories of 18 Modern Day Warriors (2016, 2022) to inspire others to play their own Treasure Hunt.

June 2023. I am back at The Casa. I am sitting at my favorite Jane spot and hear a whisper: “Treasure Hunt.” I come to alert. I tilt my head in thought. I smile. Game on.

Jane's favorite spot at The Casa, and a picture of promise after a storm.

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