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A Gem of a Healing Partner

Soul friends have been an integral part of Jane G. Doyle's healing journey, and many of these long-lasting connections have been made during her intuition-driven travels. In this blog, she recalls a previous trip to Brazil, where she worked through physical and emotional pain, and discovered just such a friend was supporting her all along.


Soul friends are the best for making a difficult life easier.

When I think of a soul friend, I think of effortlessness. An easy companion. One that fits like a glove. A kindred spirit. A strong connection and understanding. Exactly what I needed as my life was falling apart.

They make excellent healing partners—people uniquely capable of helping us heal ourselves. I have a permanent chair for soul friends on Jane Heals, Inc.’s Board of Directors. You can read more about my healing partners in Chapter 10, “Jane’s Olympians,” in You Heal You.

Marcelo Laidlaw is one of these friends. He is the owner of Bellas Piedras (“beautiful stones”)—a jewelry store near the spiritual community of the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiânia, Brazil. I didn’t recognize our connection at first. I was too consumed with pain. I would spend hours in his shop. He educated me on the healing properties of the stones. Other times, he just listened. I assumed my attraction was to his fabulous, handcrafted jewelry.

As my health issues began to evaporate, my vision cleared. I saw he was a “gem” of a friend. I learned kindred spirit connections were as vital to my recovery as other healing partners. I just didn’t suffer from physical (outside) pain. I needed to tend to the emotional (inside) wounds from being sick for three decades. Marcelo was uniquely capable of helping me conquer the inside pain.

I have become quite fond of emeralds over my years in Brazil. What a coincidence they are known as the stone of the heart. One that promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance and well-being. Just like a soul friend. Just like a perfect healing partner.

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