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Embracing the Energy of a Sacred Site

As I discuss in You Heal You, I traveled to many healing centers looking for cures as I embarked on my self-healing journey. I also developed a fascination for sacred sites along the way—and found that I gained energy from visiting them.

On my recent return trip to Scotland, I visited the Clava Cairns—an ancient site near Inverness with a range of prehistoric burial monuments, including 4,000-year-old standing stones and stone circles. It definitely had a sacred feel. One to honor and respect.

Still, I had a wee bit of fun with the standing stones as a nod to the TV show Outlander. Maybe I would find my own Highlander warrior. After all, I do believe in miracles. :)

Which sacred sites mean the most to you? Reach out, I’d love to hear about them!


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