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A Return Trip to the Home of My Soul

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

A warm welcome at the Inverness Airport

I recently took a trip back to my beloved Scotland, the place where I started my self-healing journey back in 2002. Here are some photos that I snapped in the first leg of my journey, traveling from Chicago to Inverness via London.

The journey begins: Chicago to London, London to Inverness.

It was on my first trip to Scotland in 2002 that I learned to listen to my highest wisdom—my inner voice—and became strong enough to set out to find my remedies. I made seven visits to Scotland in six years, and each time, I was cast as a warrior learning skills to rescue myself. You can read more about this phase of my healing journey in Part I of You Heal You: “Jane the Apprentice.”

On this recent return trip, I continued my adventures as “Jane the Explorer,” and my home base was a rustic cottage in Inverness-shire, a county in the Scottish Highlands. The week was filled with new discoveries and old friends. More to come, stay tuned.


My home for this trip.

Sharing my view.

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