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Bret Lockett Endorses the Energy Enhancement System

Photo courtesy of Energy Lounge

To find answers to my undiagnosed illnesses, I morphed into Jane the Explorer. I became passionate about searching for miracles, self-healing stories, and treatments proven to help others. If my intuition endorsed it, no matter how far-fetched it seemed to me, I would give it a try. This approach worked. I healed myself after three decades of chronic pain.

I’m still on the alert for interesting and effective techniques. The Energy Enhancement System (EESystemTM) is one. Here's a compelling testimonial from Bret Lockett, a retired NFL player.

- Jane


The following testimonial for the EE System TM is reprinted with permission from Energy Lounge in Raynham, Massachusetts. You can find the original Facebook post here.


From Bret Lockett:

“I recently had the opportunity to visit the Energy Lounge in Raynham, MA, and I must say it was an extraordinary experience. As a former NFL athlete, I have always been in search of ways to enhance my performance and overall well-being. The energy enhancement system at the Energy Lounge took me to a whole new level.

From the moment I entered the lounge, I could feel a sense of tranquility and relaxation wash over me. The staff was welcoming and guided me through the process with utmost care. I chose a 2-hour session, and it turned out to be the perfect duration for me.

As I settled into the comfortable reclining chair, surrounded by soothing music, I could feel my body slowly releasing tension. The combination of invisible scalar waves and bio photons created a form of light therapy that seemed to penetrate deep into my cells. It was as if I could feel the energy flowing through me, revitalizing every part of my being.

What truly impressed me were the immediate benefits I experienced. My stress levels seemed to diminish, and I felt a greater sense of emotional balance. The relief from any pain I had been experiencing was remarkable. Additionally, the quality of my sleep improved, leaving me feeling rejuvenated each morning.

One of the best aspects of the Energy Lounge is its inclusivity. Regardless of any existing health conditions or implants, the energy field is gentle and safe for everyone. This makes it a valuable resource for individuals seeking holistic well-being.

Bret Lockett at Energy Lounge. Photo courtesy of Energy Lounge.

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